Robert Tamayo


2D Level Decorations for Balloon Ghost

I enjoy creating characters and enemies, but I've always struggled with doing the visual design work for the levels. I don't find it as appealing to spend time crafting character into the level environments I make.

I bring this up because while I've found "workarounds" in the past, I feel the Balloon Ghost game may require more care in that aspect.

I'm fortunate in the sense that the game will benefit from an even greater level of minimalism than Robot Ops, but I will need to find a good way to inject the "spooky cute" personality into the world of the game. Essentially, the actual gameplay of Balloon Ghost would be more difficult if there were a lot of things going on in the background. So, while I may add rain and thunder anyways, for now, I should approach the design differently.

The goal is to add spooky elements to the game that complement its cute character, and the goal is to do as little of that as possible in the background.

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