Robert Tamayo


A Huge Year

2021 has been a huge year for me. I've accomplished all of the goals I set out to. I'm very happy with my achievements this year in a number of areas.

1. Finished Robot Ops

For the first time in several years, I released a new game. This game took me almost the entire year to finish up, but I'm very satisfied with the end result. It is a game that I'm proud of having made, and it is exactly the game I set out to make from the beginning. Moreover, I managed to finish the game within the allotted timeframe -- Fall 2021. I finished it on the very last day of Autumn, December 20. It wasn't live on Google Play until a day or two later, but I had done my part to publish it in the Fall.

2. Category 4 on All Big Three Lifts

There is a Starting Strength Standards sheet that I use to gauge my lifting progress. There are 5 Categories altogether, with increasing intervals between each category as it progresses. For example, at 165lbs bodyweight, the jump from Category 2 to Category 3 for Bench Press is 152 1RM to 187 1RM or a 25lbs increase without gaining bodyweight (muscle or fat). The jump from Category 3 to Category 4, on the other hand, is from 187 1RM to 255 1RM, a massive 78 lbs increase. For a good few years, I was stuck between Category 3 and Category 4 for all of my Big 3 lifts, Squat, Deadlift, and Bench Press. In the past year or so, I had started to approach about 90% of the way to Category 4. Earlier this year, I achieved Category 4 on Squat and Deadlift. But, I still was off by about 10lbs on my Bench.

I wrote on October 27, 2021 that my end of year goal for Bench is to hit 215lbs for 8 reps, which would be enough to put my Bench into Category 4. And today, on the LAST DAY of the year, I did it!

This means that all my lifting goals were reached this year. At 165lbs, I hit Category 4 on the Big Three lifts, and I joined the 1000 Pound Club. It has been a very successful year for lifting.

3. Bought a Truck

I finally own a truck! My car was destroyed this year, and its untimely passing forced me to finally fulfill my dream of buying a truck. I can't be happier with it. Trucks are awesome.

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