Robert Tamayo


A Lazy Friday Night Watching Peaky Blinders

I'm feeling more exhausted than normal for the end of a week. I believe this is because I spent the last weekend driving almost 24 hours across California. It's time for some much needed rest. Fortunately for me, the new Peaky Blinders season has just come out.

So far, Peaky Blinders has been a great way to unwind from the week. My wife and I have watched the first 3 episodes already, and it's shaping up to be another great season of the British crime drama.

Tommy is back in action and in good form. Some of his great lines so far include exchanges with other characters. "You should wear a mask," followed by "I am," was a great one. "When was the last time you killed a man?" "Four years ago. His name was Thomas Shelby."

I'm looking forward to seeing how this season shapes up. It's been great so far, although the pace slowed down a bit in episode 3. My only real complaint would be that Arthur is going through one of his phases again, being out of action for the most part due to his addictions. Hopefully, he'll come back in true form soon.

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