Robert Tamayo


A Look at Robot Ops Animations

I wasn't planning on doing any more "how to" type posts on my blog, so this one won't really be a "how to". Instead, I'm just going to take advantage of an image I captured recently that shows some of the workings of how Robot Ops' animation and drawing framework works.

While working on the final boss recently, I found a glitch that misaligned the boss's coloring from his outline. This allows you to see how I this: actually just this:

Not wanting to draw anything for the game, I decided to use simple shapes to create all of the animations that I wanted. The boss character model is large enough to see the various shapes that make up each character model. I use linear interpolation to rotate and move shapes around as specified in each animation frame. In this way, it very much resembles traditional 3D animation in that I am simply moving a mesh model around and painting on top of it.

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