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Arcade Galaxy Music from Robot Ops

Arcade Galaxy is one of the areas in Robot Ops. Heroes can jump higher in the low gravity of Arcade Galaxy, a colorfully decorated, giant, abandoned space station orbiting the planet. This area's name is of a rather grim origin.

Arcade Galaxy's Origin

Arcade Galaxy used to be an amusement park; its location in space was to provide a perfectly clear view of the galaxy without the obstruction of the atmosphere and to provide obstacle courses which could be enjoyed in the lower gravity.

Eventually, an incoming meteor shower threatened the planet's existence, and controllers were set up around the park which were used to operate cannons used to obliterate incoming meteors. After the threat of the meteors was gone, the controllers were left in place, though no longer able to fire the cannons.

Some time after, a great war broke out in space, and the once peaceful views of the galaxy from the former amusement park became dreadful sights of destruction as hundreds of thousands of space ships battled it out in the distance. The public returned to the abandoned amusement park, this time to use the controllers; children would use the controllers to pretend that the sight of war before them was a game they were playing, hence the name "Arcade Galaxy."

Arcade Galaxy's Music

Arcade Galaxy - Classic


Arcade Galaxy - Rescue

Arcade Galaxy - Hunt/Gather

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