Robert Tamayo


Balboa Park Museum of Art

My wife and I visited the Balboa Park Museum of Art today. We have dinner plans shortly, so I'll keep my summary of the experience brief.

Art is important

Without it, a modern culture would be nothing but a weird combination of numbers and puzzles. Not that I dislike Math; quite the opposite. I merely dislike the algorithmic data-driven strategic business actionable market-driven consumer-focused growth capitalization excel sheet lifestyle that engulfs the lives of every human in Western Civilization's college-educated class. Those who have gone to university are supposed to be cultured and learned, not focused on numbers and business terms arranged in a grid. Art is important because it reminds us of our humanity.

Bad art destroys morale

On the other hand, bad "art" destroys morale. It breaks the human spirit. Making people believe that literal blobs of paint and spilt ink is "fine art" was the first step toward breaking their minds. All that had to be done to accomplish this was to have the art "experts" claim that abstract art was art; people then voluntarily went against their own and intuition and nodded their heads in agreement, all for the vain hope of being included among the refined art appreciators. The irony is that they have only outed themselves as hating art, for why would you call yourself a fan of art while actively trying to destroy it?

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