Robert Tamayo


Balloon Ghost Art Design

This is the area I'm struggling the most in. I have the gameplay down, and I know how to improve it before release. I have some music on standby, and I also have some new tunes I'm working on that might be better suited for the game.

But when it comes to the art design, I'm struggling a little.

I know the concept I'm going for. To assist in the gameplay, the art style will be much simpler than Robot Ops. This is where my problems start, however.

Since the game will be simpler visually, I'm struggling with staying away from completely simple and minimalist design. I can go with a simple art style that uses black and white plus one color for accent. Or I can rule that out as being too simplistic and not right for this game.

Either way, the decision will be made tomorrow at the latest. This project is way too simple to get caught up in the small details.

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