Robert Tamayo


Balloon Ghost Ideas Under Pressure

Today I didn't get as much done for Balloon Ghost as I had hoped. However, I did do something far more important: I finalized the visual design.

Everything is super simple. I already reduced the colors to black, white, and pink. But now, I finally figured out what the game will truly look like. The key is that everything takes place in the clouds. This is a game about runaway balloons, so it makes sense that Ghosty would be finding lost balloons in the sky.

The simple design is finally paying off with the combination of the music, colors, and cloudy levels. The coolest part is that all of these design choices that I'm enjoying the most are ones that I made on the fly while trying to reduce the effort required to finish the game. It's going to take slightly longer than I had hoped, but it's all coming together. The best ideas really do come from working around constraints.
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