Robert Tamayo


Balloon Ghost Prototype

The side quest I'm working on is a miniature 2D side-scrolling puzzle platformer called Balloon Ghost. You play as Ghosty, a cute little ghost who has taken on the important task of guiding all lost balloons to safety. The objective of the game is simple: hit the balloon through the level by running and jumping into it, and don't let it hit the ground or touch any spikes.

Even though I said I was moving away from 2D and the old code I wrote for Robot Ops, I'm using it anyway. The premise I have is so simple that it would have fit perfectly into Robot Ops as another Mission Type. So I'm using the same codebase and art style to make a new game. 

If the prototype ends up being fun, then I will polish it up and make a complete version of the game. The game will be much smaller than Robot Ops, though. My target is to make about 24 to 32 short levels with increasing difficulty and challenges. The aesthetics of the game will be cute and spooky, and it fits into a larger vision I have for a different game that takes place in the same world.
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