Robert Tamayo


Balloon Ghost Rush Day 2

I'm only writing this to provide examples of the two rules from my previous post.

Music - The music for Balloon Ghost will be most similar to Ragtime. The solo piano will be a good fit for the black and white art style.

Menu Screen - The menu screen will have a cloudy background. The clouds will be the same as from Robot Ops, and it's an effect I've used before on my home page. It will be black and white, of course. If it doesn't do what I want it to do, I'll simply update the clouds or add rain. Also, balloons will float upward on the screen, as if they are flying away into the sky.

Level Icons - The level select icons are going to look like tombstones. Once beaten, something about them will change.

Blinking - Ghosty will blink periodically. It will be a two-blink animation.

Color - Ghosty's cheeks will be pink, and the Balloons will also have color. Either all balloons will be pink to match Ghosty's cheeks, or they will be different colors.

Collecting Candy - I wanted it to be candy corn, but since I'm doing black and white (with pink), it might not be possible. Either way, it will be candy, and it will play the role of the common collectible.

The End - Ghosty wasn't just saving the balloons from a terrible fate. He was building a hot air balloon so he could deliver candy to his neighbors on Halloween.

That's all I have for now.

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