Robert Tamayo


Balloon Ghost Rush

I spent very little time today on Balloon Ghost. So, it's not really much of a rush in terms of development effort today - it's more of the state of my mind right now with regards to the game. I'm officially in the rush mode. 

I have tomorrow night and all day Saturday to get the most amount of work done for this game. I still have to make the animations and art for all enemies and traps in the game. I also have to go through every level and redraw it using the new tiles. I also have to actually update the levels to make them playable; in the current state, most of them are either way too difficult or simply impossible.

That said, I still feel pretty good about finishing this game on time. Provided that I stick to the plan and spend a lot of time on it, I think I can reasonably expect it to be "finished" on Sunday. So, as long as I don't waste my time on something else, I'll be fine. And sometime this weekend I'll have screenshots. So, stay tuned. Real updates are coming.
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