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Blog is Getting Chonky

Yes, the blog page is getting chonky. There are over 190 blog posts on it. There is no way to search except ctrl+f. There are no "tags" or "categories" pages. There is way to view posts by date published. It's getting kind of ridiculous.

Things are worse at Might and Myth; even though there are fewer posts, there are no post links or post previews. Everything on that blog is on a single page, and it's practically unusable for viewing anything but the first few posts.

This leads to the next part: what is the solution?

For this blog, I'm going to replace the "rb code" link in the header with a mini navigation list. I don't know what the links will be, but it might be something simple like "home, tags, search". Maybe I'll get fancier and add a search bar and menu icon. I don't know yet, but it will be done this week, whatever it is. I do know that I'm going to limit the default displayed posts to between 5 and 10; older posts will be searchable or browsable.

Might and Myth is another story altogether. That site is literally an html file that I keep updating. I started it that way so that I could start writing on day one, but by now it's limiting my options for expansion. Whatever I do for that site, it will be done this week as well.

Finally, I realize that I've blogged about needing to fix my blog a few times now. This will be the last time I blog about that before I actually do something about it.
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