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Blogging Direction

I have my reading list planned out for 2022, but after that, I might venture into some more technical mathematics and computer science books. The reading would be similar to my focus on mythology and history, where I would read the "classics" of the natural sciences in an attempt to understand where it all came from.

Doing a project like this would be very similar to my project to understand the history of the church, which began with learning Latin. The two projects might not be able to be completed simultaneously, but I think that giving it a try would work really well to round out my knowledge and improve my mind.

This would all be part of my attempt to make myself even better than I was before. As I said in previous posts, the recovery from getting sick took a week longer than I wanted it to. Because of that, I'm determined to come back even better than I ever was. Rounding out my knowledge in this way is key in doing that.

As the project gets closer, I'll start writing about how I intend to go about it. I'll add books I'm reading to the list, and I'll try to find other practical ways of improving and testing my math skills in the process. Until then, I have other things to finish up for 2022.

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