Robert Tamayo


Branding vs Signature

Great artists don't have a personal brand. They have a signature.

A brand is what you leave on a product you sell. It's what you put on cattle. Don't brand yourself or think about matching your branding when doing something. If you're branded, you're a product.

Instead, think about your personal signature. Think about the popular classical composers. It's easy to distinguish Bach from Mozart, and it's easy to distinguish Debussy from Tchaikovsky. That's because each composer has a signature style - something unique to them that makes the work they do different from others.

A signature is given to you by God. It's the combination of your body's unique mechanical and neurological interactions with your environment. No two people write their name in the exact same way. Something about the pen's stroke will be different: the force of the grip, the placement of the fingers; the spacing between their eyes, the pupil's dilation; their height and distance from the paper, changing perspective; the breathing, the movement of the body with each exhale and inhale.

Everything you do will be unique to you.

Thinking in terms of fitting a "brand" is what will strip you of your human uniqueness. It is training people to remove themselves from the equation, to not think about their own personal touch.

Don't work on your personal branding. Instead, work on honing your personal signature. Even if you think it's just a difference of perspective, it's the one that preserves your humanity.
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