Robert Tamayo


Can You Outlift a Lizard?

Lizards do push-ups all day. Let that sink in. Lizards are doing push-ups for the entire day.

Are you doing push-ups all day? If not, do you even lift? 

Lizards are doing one set of thousands of reps. That's right - they only live once, and they never stop doing push-ups, so that's one set. One set - thousands, if not millions, of reps.

Lizards do push-ups to show off their status. You probably don't do push-ups to show off your status. You probably buy nice cars and wear fancy clothes. Lizards don't need any of those, because they have push-ups.

Don't get discouraged - lizards are an inspiration to us all. We can all be better. Let the lizard be a lesson to you: never stop doing push-ups!

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