Robert Tamayo



What are you supposed to go if there is a white rabbit going in one direction and a yellow brick road going in another direction?

I've never read the Wizard of Oz, but I did see the original movie plenty of times as a kid. And of course, I loved anything Alice in Wonderland - books, movies, and even the old live action tv show.

I personally enjoyed Alice in Wonderland more. But it's probably closer than I would think; they're both great children's fantasy worlds.

As for the conundrum I proposed at the start, it's just for fun. But I guess a real life practical interpretation of it would be that there isn't always going to be the one obvious path that you should take. There might be two "correct" paths, but you can only take one; you probably should just choose one instead of waiting for the yellow brick road with the white rabbit on it. This obviously doesn't apply to morality, just things like choosing between vanilla or chocolate.
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