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I bought tickets for San Diego Comic Con almost 3 years ago. After postponing it for 2 years, it's finally back. And to my tremendous disappointment, they have vaccine and mask requirements to attend. If you are unvaccinated, you need to have proof of a negative coronavirus test within 72 hours. 

And no matter what your vaccine status is, you need to wear a mask. To Comic Con. The place where people dress up in costumes and often need to have particular facial makeup or other masks over their heads.

Comic Con is Lame Now

Comic Con was already suffering from a lack of good content in the superhero movie side of things. Now, Comic Con seems lame just for missing the entire point of its existence. 

Requiring both a vaccine and a mask seems a bit telling. Just how "Safe and Effective" are these things if the vaccinated are required to wear a cloth facial covering for their own protection?

What happens if some poor chap flies in from out of state and lands and tests negative? Conveniently, the refund deadline occurred before the vaccine-or-negative-test announcement, so I guess the organizers were wise enough to protect themselves from financial loss in the case of a large number of guests suddenly requesting refunds.

It's not the Comic Con's job to determine my medical choices. If I want to take a test, I'll take one. But I won't take any medical test because a nerd convention threatened to ban me from their super special event. It's one thing if a doctor recommended a medical treatment or a medical test, but it's astonishing for a convention that sells comic books to control your medical decisions.

I don't know who was sufficiently out of their mind to decide forcing guests to be vaccinated or take a swab up their nose was a good idea. The message is clear: they don't care about the convention

They only care about signaling that they are "taking the right steps" in fighting a virus that somehow keeps infecting and re-infecting the fully-vaccinated-and-twice-boosted.

I haven't heard or seen anything cool coming from this year's comic con. I wonder if the weekend will prove to be as disappointing. It will certainly be boring if everyone has to wear a mask over their faces the whole time.

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