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Current Daily Routine and Upcoming Tasks

I'm feeling like I'm finally caught up with things I've been working on. Unfortunately, though, that only means that I'm starting to feel like I have time to go through my backlog. There is a huge list of things I need to do, and I never quite feel caught up with them. The best I've been able to do so far is to drop some from my list, but then they always seem to come back up at the worst time. This is why I really don't like taking on new, recurring tasks.

My current daily routine is somewhat crowded:

  1. Go to gym in the morning, 5x a week
  2. Go to work, 5x a week
  3. Study Latin
  4. Read 1 paper from The Federalist Papers
  5. Read from Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
  6. Read in Spanish before bed

This leaves surprisingly little time left for working on future projects. Basically, I have had to stop "planning on making a game", and I'm not even considering myself to be in a "productive wave". I'm essentially on code-freeze. This kind of sucks, because I'm not using my recovery time after finishing Robot Ops to clean up programming items in my backlog. The upcoming tasks I have to do are a few, but they seem like they will be on my list for a while:

  1. Update main blog, add categories, tags, new layout, "older" posts, search posts, etc.
  2. Update Might and Myth, add a layout, navigation, basically the same as previous task but with a different styling
  3. Update an app my wife and I use for shopping
  4. Learn Blender 3D animation and modeling
  5. Learn Unreal Engine

I often add too many tasks to myself over time. I eventually go through and audit them, removing ones that "will just have to wait", but that usually happens when I realize that I'm just no longer able to keep up with the load. Right now, I'm focusing on Latin & Literature, but it's coming at a cost of progress in my game development. I also haven't even written a song this year, which is a pretty long time for me to not have any new music.

I really need to find time for things.
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