Robert Tamayo


Day 2 of Making a New Game

Again, I'm not so much making a new game as I am learning how to make 3D games. So, for that reason, I'm going to start the journey by prototyping a game. The goal is to get as far as possible in a month using basic character models and a simple level. The purpose will be to get over the hump of learning the basics of animation, importing models into Unreal Engine, designing a level, and all of that basic stuff. By keeping the models very simple, I'll be able to move faster in the game design aspect of it.

The ultimate goal is not to use squarish low-poly models, but that art style will make things much simple in the beginning. I'm going to be moving quickly and I won't care too much about anything visually, at least for the first month. After about 3 months, I anticipate that I'll have enough of the "basics" down in order to feel comfortable modeling things in more detail.

In summary, I'm going to be building a prototype for the next few months, and I will redo many assets after I have built out core elements of the gameplay.
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