Robert Tamayo


Decent Development Day

I had a decent development day today. I managed to get the lance and shield into Unreal. That was harder than it seems, as Unreal doesn't like separate objects. The weird part was that once I finally added them into the engine, they weren't working with the animations. It turns out I had to weight paint the shield and lance just so that Unreal would know what to do with them in the animations.

I also added inverse kinematics to the character's head. Now his head will remain focused in front of him when running or attacking, and I can also make him move his neck by changing the position of the pole bone, which should come in handy later.

I also started the basics of creating the map tiles in Blender. Making 3D map tiles is very similar to 2D, but in some ways it will be easier for me. The tricky part is going to be all of the "decorations" that make a level pop.

Finally, I started to add the inputs for attacking and blocking. The problem is that they aren't working. The animation blueprints are easy to work with, but hard to get to do what you want them to do when you have no idea what you are doing. So I got stuck on attacking and blocking animations and ended the day there.
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