Robert Tamayo


Dior Cruise 2022

I was not expecting to enjoy the Dior Cruise 2022 show, but I actually ended up really liking it. It was everything I did not expect from a modern fashion show. There was no pop or house music, no raunchy outfits, no celebrities or guest singers. It was just a classy, elegant show.

The setting was beautiful, taking place in Seville at the Plaza de Espana. It featured live tap dancers, something rarely seen these days. It featured a backup dancer group dressed in beautiful Spanish dresses. The music was performed live by an orchestra. The soloist played the violin with both heart and virtuosity.

In the end, it made me feel like there remains hope for Western Civilization's arts and culture. If an event like this can be produced for a fashion show, then imagine what can be done elsewhere. I hope to see more like this. Maybe I'm just completely out of the loop, and maybe Dior just does shows like this all the time. That may be the case, and if so, then good for them. I enjoyed watching the show, and I'll watch the next one hoping to see another great presentation.
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