Robert Tamayo


Eat Carbs

Every once in a while, I find myself with a lack of energy and a feeling of tiredness. I'm fairly strict with my diet due to my workout, and so I often will not attribute these feelings to food. Usually, I will assume that I'm just "getting sick" and need sleep, but today I realized that I had been craving carbs.

Tough workout routines require a lot of fuel, and that fuel normally comes from carbs. I noticed this morning that I hadn't recovered fully from the previous workout. I also felt extra tired throughout the day.

It turns out that I just hadn't been eating enough carba throughout the week. I had been craving sweets more than usual, and I yet I had also been more strict on my carb intake. The result was that my body used up all its fuel on my workouts, leaving nothing left for daily upkeep.

A couple of banana nut muffins and a bowl of cookies-n-cream ice cream fixed that.

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