Robert Tamayo


End of the Week of No Game Development

I spent the last week with my wife in Arizona. We traveled there to get away from the big city life and to enjoy a change of scenery. After getting settled in in Prescott, I can say something strange came over me. I was filled with an overall feeling of peace

I don't know what the cause of that feeling was. Maybe the lack of car noises and other sounds filling every hour of the day and night. Maybe the high altitude gave me a euphoric feeling from lack of oxygen. Maybe the natural beauty of the forest and the backyard creek gave me the feeling. Whatever it was, I felt peace.

So, after coming back to San Diego, I'm going to have to scrape together the motivation to continue my busy life here, knowing full well that there is a better way out there somewhere. Fortunately, while in Arizona, I was constantly bombarded with Bee-themed things. That helped to keep my motivation strong for building the game, as it's about a Bee who becomes a Knight. I've spent a week away from the game - now it's time to get back to work.
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