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Entering the Last Month of Development for Robot Ops

At this point, I have about 3 weeks left until Fall is over. I said I would release Robot Ops in Fall 2021, and that's what I still intend to do.

My least favorite part of releasing games is creating the app store icons, copy, and store listing. I've still yet to decide whether I will monetize the game or not, but if I do monetize it, it will be a simple $1 game purchase and not anything obnoxious like ads or greedy like in-app purchases.

My goal is to have the game complete at launch. I'm a fan of Nintendo's quality over the years, and they were always great at releasing games with very few bugs. I will not be adding anything else to the game over time. If I do, it's unplanned as of now.

I will probably mix some of the music and balance the sound levels, and then release the game soundtrack on YouTube or something. I enjoyed writing the music, so I might as well compile it together and make it available somewhere.

Finally, I may from time to time write about the game and some of the code I wrote for it. As I said recently, I'm not planning on doing how-to posts on this blog any longer. I prefer to keep to updates about my projects and opinions on development. Regarding the "hiatus" from game development I wrote about not too long ago, I might be posting an update soon about a new project in the works along those lines. 

Until then, my focus remains fixed on Robot Ops. It will be done and released within weeks.
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