Robert Tamayo


Escape Room Fun

Yesterday's escape did not end in success. We failed to complete every puzzle, but we did get as far as the very last puzzle before time ran out. I almost had a triumphant finale as I deciphered a spelled-out number code based on character count instead of decoding, then rushed to play a rather long melody on the piano that unlocked the last puzzle in the game, all within the last one and a half minutes of the game. As I looked up from the piano, I realized it was too late - the time was up.

The place we went to was Red Door Escape in San Diego. We played the Confinement room, which is apparently their hardest available. The group had a blast and we all walked away with huge smiles on our faces despite the loss.

I would go definitely go again. In fact, I am going again. My wife is treating me to one of their other rooms for my birthday in about two weeks. I'm looking forward to it!

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