Robert Tamayo


Escape Room Mobile Games are a Guilty Pleasure

In early 2020, I found myself working from home and without much to do outside of the house. So naturally, I started to get addicted to Escape Rooms. 

It turns out there are thousands of free Escape Room games on mobile. They all look identical. They have a particular style of art and a similar menu system, which makes it look like some studio is churning out these games by the month and making a ton of money off of ads.

I'm not the only one who enjoys these strange games. Despite being made by a mobile game studio and having obscure titles like "Can You Escape the 50 Rooms IV", every single one of these games has a corresponding YouTube video offering puzzle solutions and walkthroughs. And these videos sometimes have a 100 thousand views!

I don't know what kind of operation these guys are running, but I know it's got me hooked.

Anyways, for a really enjoyable Escape Room video game, you must play The Room VR: A Dark Matter. Unfortunately, it does require a VR headset and such, but it is definitely worth it.
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