Robert Tamayo


First Day Gaming in a Long Time

Today was the first day I spent playing games for an extended period of time. I usually prefer to be more productive with my time, but with all the hype around Elden Ring, I needed to spend a few hours playing it. A few hours turned into nearly 10 in just one day. 

So far, I haven't seen much of what people call the notorious difficulty of the souls-like series. But what I have seen is that the game is filled with weird, bizarre, gruesome creatures and characters. I don't find them aesthetically pleasing, but I do appreciate that the enemies are new and not the typical enemies in fantasy horror games.

I think these games are what 3D Castlevania games had the potential to be. The difficulty level so far is below Super Ghouls and Ghosts, but the style of gameplay is similar; one mistake really sets you back. The twilight realm the game is set in is a beautiful fantasy world, and the music makes up for the more gruesome content that would normally turn me away from games like this.
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