Robert Tamayo


First Day Web Developing in a While

Building off of yesterday's post, I decided to return to one of my old React projects and add some much-needed improvements to it. It was my first day putting in "serious" work in a personal web dev project in a long time, and I spent most of my time relearning my old code. Not much came of the project, but it was fun to get back into it.

I find React's structure to be very interesting and intuitive, at least to a web developer's mind. React organizes JavaScript into a hierarchy that matches the html document's nested markup language nature. Used correctly, components can be as flexible and interchangeable as the native html elements themselves, but I'm not that organized.

I will be spending some more time working on projects like this in the coming weeks. Unfortunately, I haven't working on my game in a couple weeks, and this "web dev catchup" I'm doing is not going to help that situation. But somehow, after my web projects are caught up,  I'll come out on top. 
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