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Liver King is known for his physique, which he claims from his primal diet and lifestyle. The short of it is that he claims to have achieved an obviously unnatural physique without taking steroids. The gains come from raw liver, raw meat, his unique training regime, and other factors in his primal tenets.

As I said earlier, his physique is obviously not natty. The whole gimmick is that he was able to achieve looking like a roided Mr Olympian without steroids due to his unique diet and training alone.

So, when the news came out yesterday that he was not natty, well, imagine the surprise.

You have to imagine the surprise, you see, because there isn't any surprise.

Guys like me who have been training for years and making consistent progress know what the difference is between natty and not. Natural bodybuilders at the competitive level look noticeably different than the their steroid-using counterparts. I've been natty this whole time, and while I look good for my age, weight, and height, I don't look huge, I'm not cut, and my proportions are all natural-looking.

Consider Don from Bro Science Life. At his peak, he was shredded and pretty strong, and he doesn't seem to have taken weightlifting all that seriously. It was just part of the lifestyle. Now compare him to Bradley Martin in his videos. The two standing side-by-side highlight the difference between natty and not. Bradley is much bigger, just as shredded, and a lot stronger. Don still looks like he works out standing next to Bradley, but there's a clear difference between the two.

Liver King is like Bradley.

I've always said that Liver King was most likely not natty, but that if anyone could achieve that look without steroids, it would be him due to the crazy diet and lifestyle.


Why is he a fraud, though?

Because he sold his brand on being natty. Why buy all of his supplements if they won't help you look like him? He only got that big and shredded due to human growth hormone, testosterone, and a ton of other things. It totaled something like $15k a month in pharmaceutical-grade supplements.

It's worth mentioning that he might not even be the head of his companies - just the face of his companies. The modern fitness industry is filled with fake natties selling supplements, and Liver King is just the latest to be revealed. These fake natties tend to be hired for their personality, physique, and charisma. They are more like models than entrepreneurs. The real businessmen are the ones behind the scenes.

This may or may not be what's going on here, but something similar happened with V-Shred, so it's a possibility.

As it stands now, if either the current evidence against him holds up or he confesses, then Liver King will be another case of bad-faith fitness industry marketing.

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