Robert Tamayo


Freedom is an American Tradition

Look no further than to Westerns to understand that Freedom is an American value we hold dear to our hearts. But Americans don't want freedom to sin or to do evil; we want freedom to our lives without the burden of bureaucracy or the nobles managing the details. It's not in the spirit of America to "listen to our governors" - the very founding of our country was an act of rebellion. We don't want chaos; we just want to be left alone.

The crushing realization of the coronavirus pandemic was the realization that there are many Americans who aren't Americans. They may live here, and they may be citizens, but they don't understand the blood the patriots shed in order to free us from the very type of tyranny that they actually want in their lives. They want to be locked down, they want to be told they can't go outside, and so on.

America is a freedom-loving people.

The sooner we get back to that, the sooner we can put an end to the creeping loss of freedoms that we endure.

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