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Friday Updates

With about 2 weeks left in the year, it's time for an update on a few things.

First, Balloon Ghost probably won't be done by the end of Fall.

Second, the daily blog post format will probably come to a close. I enjoy the quality of my posts on Might and Myth, and the reason is probably because I only write there when I have something to say there. The same will probably work well here. I will most likely be spending more time writing at Might and Myth, and I'll write here when I have game updates, code updates, or other tech opinions. 

Third, 2023 will be my year to focus on improving my knowledge and expertise in the STEM side of things. That means I will probably be writing less at Might and Myth, and perhaps there is room for a new spinoff that fits the sci fi and technology side of things.

The main reason I'll be moving away from daily blog posts is to improve the quality of the posts I write, and the second reason is to free up time to work on things. Despite the short posts, I do spend a lot of time writing them. At this point, the posts are starting to take more time away from things that I would rather be working on, like the games. Better time management would solve that, but I already lost about an hour each day after getting a dog. So, to be able to make better games and expand my knowledge, I'll have to stop writing as frequently.

2023 will hopefully - this time - bring my first 3D game. But I'll need to relax on the posts a bit to get there.

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