Robert Tamayo


Game Inspiration from Real Life

I was inspired to make Revolve Ping Pong when I noticed how much fun I was having bouncing bouncy balls off of a wall. I figured people would like to do something like that in a game, and so I made a Pong-style game where the player controls both paddles; the goal is simply to keep the ball alive.

Similarly, I was inspired by playing with balloons to make another game. I realized that trying to keep the balloon "alive" by not letting it hit the floor was actually very fun, and it's something that even grown adults like myself enjoy doing.

So I'm pursuing a side quest game right now instead of working on Bumble Knight for the moment. I'm doing what I said I wouldn't do again and making a 2D game. I will first prototype the game, and if it works out and seems enjoyable, I'll finish it up as quickly as I can. If all goes well with the prototype, it will end up being a cute little puzzle-platformer.

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