Robert Tamayo


Game Research

Authors need to read books for research, and game developers need to play games for research. I'm a little wary of gamers who say they are playing a game for research, though, since they often don't make games. In my case, I'm currently making a new game, and I need to do some research on 3D platform level design. 

Earlier this year, I played Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Now, I'm playing Mario 3D Land. I had fun with Kirby, and I'll probably have fun with Mario, too. But, in the end, I'm playing for research.

From what I've shown of my new game so far, it should be obvious that these two games are my primary inspiration so far.

All I advise to aspiring game developers is this: don't kid yourself. Sometimes you play for fun, other times for research. Just be honest and enjoy the game no matter the reason you're playing it.
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