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Gym Milestone: 365lbs Squat and 1000 Pound Club

Last Saturday, I wrote about my milestone of reaching Category IV for Squats at my bodyweight. I didn't feel like doing squats today, so I went ahead and trained for my 1RM instead.

I know I said I didn't like doing 1RM attempts because they can be dangerous, but I had a good feeling about today.

New Squat 1RM: 365 lbs

1st Attempt: 335
I started off my first attempt at a 1RM by breaking my previous 325 1RM with an easy 335. After 335, I felt good, so I decided to add another 20lbs and go for 355.

2nd Attempt: 355
355 was a little heavier, but I completed it without too much strain. At 355, I had proven my 350 estimated max in last week's Gym Milestone post.

3rd Attempt: 365
The final attempt was for 365. One pound for every day of the year. I took video of that attempt. It was heavy, but I felt safe doing it.

But the best part about this huge lift is the true Milestone achieved:

1000 Pound Club

Squat: 365
Deadlift: 405
Bench: 245

Total: 1015

A weightlifting goal of mine for years, finally achieved!
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