Robert Tamayo


Gym Updates: End of Year Goals

I haven't had a good gym milestone ever since reaching the 1000 lbs club. I attempted a 425 pound deadlift, but failed. No worries. I'll try again later.

With 2 full months left in the year, I'm planning out my end-of-year goals. For Bench Press, I want to hit Category IV, of course. I'm lagging right now on my bench, so I'm going to start a bit lower and work my way up to a 215 working set at 8 reps 5 lbs per week. After hitting 215x8, I should be at the right weight for reaching Category IV on bench.

I've been good at the big 3 lifts, Squat, Deadlift, and Bench Press. However, I've never trained the Overhead Press as a main lift. I don't think my Overhead Press is even a Category III. I've been wanting to train my Overhead Press recently, and so by the end of the year I'm going to switch up my routine to put a little more emphasis on my shoulders. I'm not going to add any new shoulder exercises to my routine; I'm just going to start my Upper Body workout day with an Overhead Press instead of starting with Bench.

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