Robert Tamayo


Halloween is Healing

There were more trick-or-treaters this year than the year before. The year before last year was 2020, and that year was one of the worst Halloweens in history. I saw signs saying things like "please no trick-no-treaters". People were so afraid of getting sick in 2020 that they abandoned Halloween and ruined many kids' holidays. 

2021 picked up some steam, and there were more people and many more decorations in the neighborhood.

This year, it seems the trick-or-treaters were back in full force, or at least as close as can be expected for a Halloween evening landing on a Monday night. That's a good sign for the health of the community. I still don't sense things being at the normal level of excitement and activity, but the enthusiasm is slowly building up again.

I'm a little sad that I didn't get my Balloon Ghost game out in time for Halloween, but it might be creatively liberating to not have to think of it in terms of Halloween. After all, Halloween is a merely a celebration of spooky things, not the origin of spooky things. Perhaps the game will be more focused and fun if I'm not thinking of making it fit into a particular theme.

I'm also going to miss my October theme for the blog.

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