Robert Tamayo



Every Halloween season, I play some horror games and read some horror books. Nothing special about that. This year, I wasn't as successful, since I didn't really read any horror books. The closest I got was "Mirabella y la Clase de Pociones". Oh well, I'll make up for it next month by reading something in the horror genre.

As far as games go, I played Metroid Dread and Back 4 Blood. I was looking forward to both games. Metroid Dread was great. I don't know that it was properly a "horror" game; the title includes "Dread", so I guess that counts.

As for Back 4 Blood, I have been enjoying it so far. On launch day there were too many special infected, but they cleaned that up since then. I really loved Left 4 Dead, but Back 4 Blood seems like the developers swapped out a lot of the "game" elements of Left 4 Dead and replaced them with shooter elements. I'm playing the game in Spanish, so I'm a little slow on the Card System they've made for this game. Finally, the game is meant for co-op, and I don't have a mic yet, so I've only been playing solo. I'm sure the game is a blast to play with friends.

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