Robert Tamayo


Having Fun while Making Games

I don't have a grand  grand scheme in making games. It's just something I do for fun.

I added characters and abilities to Robot Ops because I thought they would be fun. I thought it would be cool for the "shotgun" attack to be an attack that shoots a ton of bubbles. I thought it would be awesome to have an attack that shoots a giant laser that destroys everything. I like dual-wielding pistols in games. I like super strong warrior characters. And I like sword-and-shield knight combat. So I put it all into the game.

In addition to having fun while making the game, I'm having fun while writing the code. It's one of the best ways to practice code, writing for hours and hours on end for a project that you're heavily invested in.

I'm having fun making the game, and when it's done, I hope you'll have fun playing it.

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