Robert Tamayo


Heat Wave Ending

The heat wave ends tomorrow. I expect to be fully operational by the end of the week.

I've been losing time to the Shakespeare Reading Frenzy I'm doing this month, but there have been unexpected benefits to reading 30 thousand words of plays a day. I actually think I'll be more effective by the end of this. My eyes are opening up, and I'm realizing how much can be accomplished with direct focus for small periods of time. The reading time has shortened, as well, down from 3 hours to 2.5 hours. I'm still not where I want to be, but I'm both improving and enjoying what I'm reading.

I'm having good ideas for future games. There are a few paths I can take, but I think I'll stick with 2D games for now. The Shakespeare Reading Frenzy has shown me that with little more than dedication and determination, I can do any "reasonable" amount of reading and writing in a day that I like. That means I'm now realizing those thick programming books sitting on my shelf can easily be finished within a month.

Finally, there is one thing I realize I've been missing: natural interest. Natural interest makes someone reread 32,000 words of Shakespeare a day because they can't live without it. That's not me - I enjoy it, and I actually do really like it, but I probably won't be a Shakespeare scholar anytime soon. I have natural interests in programming, but I don't have a natural interest in modern programming "culture." I have a natural interest in reading and writing, but I don't have a natural interest in reading the same thing to completion without switching to another book. For the programming culture problem, I need to realize that the culture is separate from the craft. Working remote can even help a lot in that department. For the reading and writing one, I view not being able to focus on one thing to completion as a mental handicap caused by Internet phones. And again, the cure for that is simple: Read All of Shakespeare in One Month.
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