Robert Tamayo


How Long Can this Game Be?

I thought I was nearing the end of God of War: Ragnarok, based solely on the number of hours I've spent playing the game. It turns out I'm only about 60% through the game at 23 hours. I would be more forgiving of the length of the game if most of it weren't spent on drawn-out closeups of characters either doing nothing or saying very little. This game has the habit of turning 20 lines of dialogue into 5 minutes of "gameplay."

For anyone saying that the game's story makes up for it, I can only say that it is playing out more like a slow comic book then an epic fantasy novel. That's not to say the drama is bad or the plot uninteresting; I must be interested in both if I spent half the time "playing" the game watching it.

I just wish things would move a little quicker. Maybe I'm entering a more exciting part of the game, maybe not. Either way, I'm still enjoying it overall. As a fan of Norse mythology, I'm having a good time seeing all the legendary artifacts, weapons, and locations from the stories I read. It might be what's keeping me interested.

This is only a mid-game update. I expected to be finished by now, but obviously that isn't even close to happening. When I'm done, I'll give my opinion on the game overall.
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