Robert Tamayo


How to Be More Lucky

The best way to be good at something is to be lucky at it. Being lucky is by far the most effective and easiest life hack. If you can't actually be lucky, though, then there are a few things you can do to improve your luck.

1. Never Show your Cards

In speech class years and years ago, a student was very soft and endearing in his delivery. The teacher complimented him on his unique presentation. But then, the student broke the illusion. He said he was actually very nervous all along, and the audience and teacher immediately realized that the quirkiness of his demeanor was actually just nervousness and inability to control himself. To this, the teacher gave the entire class one simple lesson: Never Show your Cards. Had he kept his cards hidden, everyone would have thought he was a great presenter. But after showing us that he was only bluffing, we immediately disregarded him.

2. Don't Act Surprised

If something good or bad happens, don't act surprised. Think about James Bond. If something bad happens, he is ready for it. His plans don't always work. Sometimes, a villain gets the upper hand. But Bond never loses his cool, and this puts the pressure on the villain. By not acting scared or shocked, Bond is putting psychological pressure on the villain. The villain is wondering why Bond isn't freaking out -- does he know something secret? This increases the chances of the villain making a mistake. Likewise, when something good happens, acting surprised can make it seem like you are either not in control or not used to winning. Lucky people are always in control; they have luck on their sides. Also, they're plenty used to winning.

3. Roll More Dice

The easiest way to get more lucky is to roll more dice. You can't win a game you don't play. Don't pay attention to the rolls you lose; no one remembers losses as well as they remember the victories. The people who succeed the most have always played the most. They have written more songs, painted more paintings, etc. So, if you've won more hands than other people, maybe it's just because you've played more hands?
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