Robert Tamayo


I Oppose the Vaccine Mandates

I'm against the vaccine mandates. I don't support the so-called right of a company to require its employees to be vaccinated; I also don't support the right of a company to tattoo its employees. I was never against vaccines, but the insanity that the COVID-19 vaccines have brought into the world has caused me to question all vaccine mandates ever instated, going back to chicken pox and tetanus for grade school children.

I'm against the covid vaccines for personal, religious reasons. Being opposed to the vaccine mandates is separate from my decision to not take the vaccines. I'm against the vaccine mandates because they infringe on our right to decide what medical treatments we will use. I am not your king, and you are not mine; neither of us has the right to tell the other what to put into themselves.

Beyond being opposed to the vaccine mandates, I'm disappointed by the people who are indifferent to them. You are not neutral; you are scared. Either you are scared of people finding out that you oppose the mandates, or you are scared of people finding out that you support them. I have heard real people in real life tell me that they don't care if I lose my job over not getting the vaccine. The people who are indifferent to them do not understand that the people mandating covid vaccines want people to starve to death if they don't take them. Don't believe me? "Don't get the vaccine, then you can't pay your bills." That was an actual quote from a real person. Where is their humanity?

The massive shaming campaign being run by not only the mainstream media but everyday people is not working. I am not taking the vaccine. I oppose the covid vax mandates. Parents have the right to decide what vaccines or medical treatments their kids will receive. Adults have the right to decide for themselves the same.

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