Robert Tamayo


If Something is Missing, Make It

I saw a YouTube video suggestion today titled something like "I've been waiting my whole life for this" with a screenshot of a portable gaming device shaped like a Super Nintendo controller. I'm not making fun of the creator of the video. I didn't watch it. I don't know his views, and I know it's just likely a clickbait title.

However, I did learn something from the title of that video.

There's no reason to wait for anything. If you really want it, make it. 

There's no reason why any part of that portable gaming device would be impossible to make. You don't have to bring it to market; all that's really needed is a prototype.

The point is that anything that is desired can be created. It can be engineered, it can be built, it can be slapped together, etc.

I get that some things straight out of science fiction may not be able to be made, at least yet. The video was about a portable gaming device. Those already exist. You can always build a specific version of something if you know it already exists - that's called reverse engineering.

Another Lesson Learned

Another thing I learned from the title of this video was that people will wait for anything. Instead of making their own things, consumers are constantly waiting for things to come their way that they might be interested in.

It's a weird existence that is completely passive. They only listen to music, never play or write music. They only watch movies, never act in them or make them. And they only wait for new things to consume.

They might think they at least create their own opinions about the media they consume, but they don't create those either; their opinions are assigned to them by other media they consume, such as the reviews, unboxings, and livestreams.

Don't wait around and let things happen to you. Take action and create the kinds of things that you love.

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