Robert Tamayo


Incidentally Monochromatic

Balloon Ghost is a black-and-white game with one additional color - pink. I chose this aesthetic because it fits nicely into the themes of the game: nighttime, clouds, stars, a ghost, and a colorful balloon lost to the skies. 

But I was also careful not to force anything to be black-and-white or pink that isn't naturally so. Ghosty's cuteness gives him a blush on his cheeks, hence the pink on his character. The same goes for the sky pigs - they are naturally gray in color, but their snouts are pink. Finally, the balloon itself is pink because most balloons are some color.

The nighttime sky is naturally very dark and spotted with stars. Clouds decorate the atmosphere with fluffy patches of white and various shades of gray.

Everything in Balloon Ghost is naturally black-and-white with small touches of pink.

The game isn't a black-and-white-and-one-color game - it's just incidentally monochromatic.
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