Robert Tamayo


Interesting Notes

I often keep notebooks, and whenever I stumble upon one, it's interesting to see what I was thinking at the time. But I don't usually care about how I was feeling at a particular time. I usually just move on from those entries. 

Instead, I'm always completely captivated by my writings that concern working through problems in projects. I'll see notes and drawings about a character in a game I made, and how I would be able to code something for some effect. I see diagrams of rotations and shapes and angles. I'll see the first descriptions of what would become the final boss, or I'll see lists of songs that could be used for a game.

It's always more interesting to read notes of mine that document work on problems and projects. Because of this observation, I might take a different approach to blogging as I start work on this new project. It might be interesting to see the progress of this new game from Day 1 all the way through to its completion. I'll pick a start date, and give my progress update daily from then.
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