Robert Tamayo


Just Shave Your Head

If you're balding, just shave your head. The shorter you keep your hair after starting to bald, the less attention you will draw to your baldness. When I see a bald actor in a movie, I usually don't think of them as bald. But when I see someone with long hair and a very obvious bald spot, all I can think about is that they are balding. The longer the hair is around their bald spot, the more attention is drawn to the fact that they are balding. It looks as bad as if someone took a razor down the middle of your head. It's just ugly.

The worst thing a man can do if he's balding is to remain in denial. I know men who keep their hair an inch or two longer than they should; these men also invariably happen to have their eyes located on the front part of their faces. This unfortunate combination of longer-than-should-be hair and forward-facing eyes means that they cannot see the shining bald spot on the back of their heads. Sadly, though they cannot see it, I'm able to. Keep your hair short if you're balding. And by short, I mean somewhere in the range of razor-cut to buzzed-but-growing-back-for-a-few-weeks.

Maybe you have accepted your fate of balding, but have decided to not go down without a fight. I know men who talk about rogaine and hair loss prevention treatments. I know men who worry about losing their hair, as if that worrying about it would make it stop. I know men who desperately squirt expensive juices onto their scalps hoping to stave off the sad fate of seeing the shape of their skulls. Nothing is worse than a nervous man. Care for you appearance, and make the most of the bad situation.

If you're balding, keep your hair very short, never longer than a "long" buzzcut. Add some stubble or go cleanshaven. Dress better. Don't wear baseball caps or beanies to hide your balding; wear them only as needed to protect your head from the sun or to keep warm.

The point about everything I'm saying is that it's not necessarily baldness that is unattractive on a man -- it's his reaction to it. Is he ashamed of it, or does he show off his dome with confidence? Is he nervous about people finding out, or is he accepting it without letting it affect him? If you're balding, own it; you may not become a model, but it won't end your life.

I'm balding, and I've been buzzing my hair for over 10 years. And yeah, sure, hair might look good and be better for a lot of guys. I just don't care. I care for my appearance in other ways. I care for what I have, and I don't worry about the rest.

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