Robert Tamayo


Keyboard Problems

My post today will have to be short. I was about halfway through writing today's original post, but my keyboard started to fail. I spent about 20 minutes trying to fix the switch, but I think it might be an electrical issue. 

It's a shame, because I really like this keyboard. I like it so much, in fact, that I purchased two of them. That's sort of good, because I can always grab my second keyboard from the office to replace this one. But then I would need another keyboard for work. So, I'm going to need to replace my keyboard again.

It's unfortunate for me, since it seems I always have issues with keyboards. I really can't stand it, since typing is the most basic thing to do on a computer. I really want to stick to mechanical keyboards, because they feel better. But so far, 3 of 5 mechanical keyboards I've owned have had issues. So I'm a little disappointed.

Hopefully there is a simple way to fix this one. Until then, I can't use it, since the broken switch is the space bar.
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