Robert Tamayo


Learning As I Go

I'll be learning Unreal Engine as I go. In my experience, it's best to just dive in and start making something. After about 3 months of working on something that was previously unfamiliar to me, I usually feel very comfortable with the new technology. In fact, I often feel so comfortable that I know my work needs to be redone due to all the mistakes I made along the way.

However, I never go back and fix things, provided that two conditions are met. I will never go back and refactor the code if it both works and was intended for me to learn. I wrote recently about how I find it more interesting when I look back on my notes concerning old projects and how I worked through previous problems. In a similar manner, the "bad" code I wrote for a project while learning how to code it is often fun to look back on later. It's not that it was bad code - it worked, after all. But it was novice code. I know I'm learning when I can recognize better ways to do things.

To make this upcoming game, I'm going to need to learn 3 things to a decent level: Unreal Engine, 3D Modeling/Animation with Blender, and C++. I'm excited for all learning all 3, but more importantly, I'm excited for the thing I'm going to make with them. I'll be announcing the game soon, once I officially kick off production on it.
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