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Learning Latin

I wrote recently about my backlog. One of the items I'm now pursuing is learning Latin. 

I have various reasons for wanting to learn Latin. The foremost among them is to go back through the early Church history and read the writings of the early Christian church in the original Latin. For about fifteen hundred years, Latin was the language of the Church, and so I plan to learn it in order to trace the history of the Christian church from Christ's resurrection to the present day. I wish to gain context into why the Protestants split from the Catholic church. I also wish to understand the traditions that the Catholics rely on for the differences between Catholicism and Protestant Christians.

Latin will also be useful in smaller ways. I might throw some into my next game. I might start blogging in Latin. I'll be able to recognize legal and logical terms. Best of all, I'll finally know what the scientific names of the animals mean.

Learning Latin is something I'm pursuing very slowly. I'm not in a rush to learn it, so I'm not going to study it with the vigor I did with Spanish. Instead, I'm just casually working through Wheelock's Latin. I also don't want it to interfere with what I have left to learn in Spanish, even though I'm no longer "learning" Spanish. With Spanish, I'm now just reading and speaking in order to improve my vocabulary and gain fluency. I have other languages on my list to learn, but I'm going to hold off on them until I'm comfortable with Latin.

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