Robert Tamayo


Longest Day of the Year

It's officially Summer!

Unfortunately, my abs didn't come in as well as I had hoped. Oh well. I still have 3 months to get there I suppose.

Also, it's time to announce my plans with Balloon Ghost. I'm making this another Fall release title. However, it will need to be released in early October in order to capitalize on the spooky themes.

Following Balloon Ghost, I have plans for another 2 short titles that will be released in the Winter and Spring, respectively. Finally, I may release something next year in the Summer, or I may release Bumble Knight in the Summer of 2024, depending on how I feel.

Other non-coding projects are coming along fairly well, but I'll need to focus on them a bit more to make my goals by the end of the year.

Now it's time to enjoy the sunshine.

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